Severe Weather and Flooding in Gulf; Snow in West and Northeast

Gerard West April 14, 2021

Severe thunderstorms with possible flooding along the Gulf on Wednesday, while another round of winter weather is coming for parts of the West and the Northeast over the next three days with significant snow accumulation. Severe Thunderstorms With Potential Flooding Along the Gulf An expansive stretch of thunderstorms will span …

Heavy Rain, Hail, Fierce Winds, and Likely Tornadoes in Central US, South

Gerard West April 7, 2021

Parts of the central and southern US are forecast to see severe weather outbreaks that could bring flooding rains, large hail, damaging wind gusts, and likely isolated tornadoes on Wednesday and overnight. Severe weather threat across parts of central and southern US A large portion of the central US, South, …

Widespread Severe Weather and Flood Threat for South, Snow for Northeast

Gerard West March 31, 2021

A warning over the threat of widespread severe weather and flooding in the South has been issued by the National Weather Service; Snow is forecast for the upper Midwest, with heavy snow over New York and New England. Widespread potential flooding and severe weather outbreak in the South The National …

Severe Weather and Flood Threat in South, Winter Storm Warning in West

Gerard West March 24, 2021

Thunderstorms for much of the South bring severe weather and flash flooding threat, which expands greatly on Thursday, while three winter storm fronts deliver snow, freezing rain, and bring winter weather warnings. Three Winter Storm Fronts Over the West and Midwest Three separate winter storm fronts will roll across parts …

Over 100 Million in South Under Tornado and Severe Weather Threat

Donna Hall March 17, 2021

A dangerous severe weather threat will bring a likely outbreak of tornadoes across a vast area of the South on Wednesday putting over 100 million Americans at risk, while blizzard conditions prompt warnings in the West. A dangerous tornado outbreak expected on Wednesday As is common for March, a collision …

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The 30 Worst Storms in US History
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Why and How Volcanic Eruptions Occur

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Why is Spring Weather So Different Year to Year?

In some regions of the United States, spring can be unpredictable. Each year seems to bring different weather at different stages, never the same. Warm spells in February, snow in March, a late or early spring thaw; all of these and more are possible each spring. So why is spring …