Severe Weather for Midwest Flooding Threat for South 4 Atlantic Systems

Bella Coladangelo

Severe weather for the Midwest and thunderstorms will bring a flooding threat to parts of the South and Southeast, while two tropical storms and two disturbances brewing in the Atlantic could affect the US later in the week. Thunderstorms over half the nation, severe weather in Midwest, flood threat for …

Severe Weather Risk for Upper Midwest and Ohio Valley, Heat Alerts in West

Gerard West

Strong thunderstorms will bring a risk of severe weather to the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley on Tuesday, excessive heat warnings for the West and heat advisory for southeastern Louisiana, and latest on Hurricane Larry. Severe weather threat over upper Midwest and Ohio Valley, thunderstorms for South and Southeast Thunderstorms …

Financial Tips Every Adult Needs to Hear

Bella Coladangelo

Some people take their financial knowledge for granted. For some young adults, their knowledge of real finance tips might be fleeting at best. The worst part is, these younger adults often don’t even know that they have huge gaps in their knowledge. To help such people along, today we’re going …

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Why and How Volcanic Eruptions Occur

Why and How Volcanic Eruptions Occur

With a major volcanic eruption occurring in Hawaii last week, forcing a mass evacuation and destroying homes, it has many people wondering: “Why do volcanic eruptions occur?” It’s cause for concern because there are hundreds of active volcanoes around the globe, and there is potential for destruction to all communities …