Atlantic has 7 Active Systems, Over 100 Large Fires Active in US


There are 7 weather systems churning in the Atlantic being watched by the NHC, while the west is still smothering in smoke with over 100 large fires remaining active, and clouds of mosquitoes swarms killing animals in Louisiana.

7 systems lined up in the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is currently monitoring 7 weather systems churning in the Atlantic. Two of the systems are already named systems, Paulette and Rene. The other 5 are areas of disturbed weather, with 3 of those systems near the US, NOLA reports.

Currently, the system to pay attention to for the US is one that has double and strength – tropical disturbance #1. This system will cross the Bahamas and Florida on Friday, and and then to the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday. The NHC has given the disturbance a 60% chance of tropical formation in the next 5 days.

The second system near the US is tropical disturbance #2, which is currently in the Gulf of Mexico with a 30% chance of development in the next 5 days. However, the system is moving away from the US toward Mexico.

Over 100 fires active in US, West Coast blanketed by smoke

The entire states of Washington and Oregon are under air-quality alerts, as well as much of California. Over 100 large, active fires are still burning across the US, mostly in 9 Western states. The smoke from the west coast fires has reached all the way to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Winds have died down somewhat in the west, which is calming fires and aiding firefighting efforts.

Clouds of mosquitoes killing animals, horses and cattle

Clouds of mosquitoes have developed following Hurricane Laura striking Louisiana. The swarms of the blood-sucking pests have grown as thick as clouds and are killing animals, cattle and horses, CBS reports.

The vast number of bites received by animals and the drainage of blood is leaving animals anemic and bleeding under their skin, according to veterinarians. In addition, the animals become so exhausted from constantly moving to avoid the biting insects that they die from a combination of blood loss and exhaustion.

Today’s US weather: September 11, 2020

West: San Francisco 68, foggy; Los Angeles 89, sunny; Reno 88, sunny; Las Vegas 94, sunny; Salt Lake City 81, sunny; Denver 69 mostly sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 81, mostly sunny; Medford 93, partly cloudy; Boise 87, sunny; Cut Bank 85, sunny; Billings 82, sunny; Minot 72, mostly sunny; Rapid City 63, mostly cloudy.

Southwest: Phoenix 98, sunny; Albuquerque 73, partly cloudy; El Paso 83, partly cloudy; San Antonio 84, mostly cloudy; Brownsville 84, thunderstorms.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 77, partly cloudy; Dallas 81, partly cloudy; Oklahoma City 70, rain; Kansas City 63, rain; Minneapolis 61, rain.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 68, rain; St. Louis 84, partly cloudy; Detroit 67, mostly sunny; Cincinnati 83, partly cloudy.

South: Houston 91, thunderstorms; New Orleans 86, thunderstorms; Memphis 91, mostly sunny; Atlanta 88, partly cloudy; Charlotte 88, thunderstorms; Jacksonville 88, thunderstorms; Tampa 89, thunderstorms; Miami 86, thunderstorms.

East: Norfolk 82, thunderstorms; Washington, D.C. 82, partly cloudy; Buffalo 67, partly cloudy; New York City 77, partly cloudy; Boston 70, partly cloudy; Caribou 62, partly cloudy.