Cold Front Drops Temps by 50 Degrees and Today’s Weather Warnings


Just as some places around the nation were experiencing unseasonable warmth and record highs, a cold front has moved in dropping temperatures by 50 degrees and some areas and dropping a whole lot of snow; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecasts.

Cold front: From record highs to a 50 degree temperature drop and snow

Overnight, a cold front moved in across the US, plunging temperatures as much as 50 degrees in some areas, especially in the West and Southwest.

Two days ago, Boulder Colorado was beginning the month of February by experiencing a record high of 75 degrees. Today, the city woke up to 13.1 inches of snow and it’s only the beginning. The state of Colorado is expected to experience 60 continuous hours of snowfall in the coming days that will bring multiple feet of powder, especially to the state’s ski slopes.

Silverton Mountain has already picked up 14 inches, while Wolf Creek Ski Area estimated close to a foot. It’s expected that the state’s other ski areas will turn into a winter wonderland over the coming days.

Vital weather warnings:

Winter storm warnings: The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings for the following areas: Southeast New Mexico, Western Texas, northern Texas, South Plains Texas, Central Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas, southwestern Missouri, Eastern Missouri, west central Illinois.

Flash flood watch: The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for the following locations: Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida; central Alabama; Florida Panhandle, southwestern Georgia, northern and central Georgia, Eastern and middle Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Northwest South Carolina, Western Virginia, Southeast West Virginia, and Northwest North Carolina, and Eastern Kentucky

Alabama: Most of the state is under a severe weather risk of thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail, tornadoes and heavy rain.

Reminder: It’s a legal and immoral to leave a pet tethered outdoors during freezing weather

As temperatures have plunged as much as 50 degrees in some areas overnight, authorities are reminding the public that in many areas it is illegal to tether or trap and animal outdoors during freezing weather, when moisture is falling, when there is snow on the ground, or where the temperatures are under 32 degrees, the point at which water freezes.

In many localities, tethering or trapping an animal outdoors is considered a crime of animal cruelty, and is a felony in some states. Regardless of the law, it’s also a horrible and immoral thing to do to an animal.

Today’s US highs:

West: San Francisco 57, Reno 52, Salt Lake City 28, Denver 33, Las Vegas 56, Los Angeles 65.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 49, Portland 47, Boise 34, Billings 35, Bismarck 35, Rapid City 35.

Southwest: Phoenix 57, Albuquerque 35, El Paso 44, San Antonio 50.

Central & Upper Midwest: Minneapolis 29, Milwaukee 26, Kansas City 30, Oklahoma City 36, Lubbock 35, Dallas 40.

South: Houston 53, New Orleans 76, Memphis 50, Atlanta 67, Charlotte 66, Jacksonville 80, Tampa 81, Miami 78.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 31, St. Louis 35, Detroit 30, Cincinnati 41.

East: Norfolk 63, Washington, D.C. 51, Buffalo 30, New York 44, Boston 41, Bangor 18.