Coldest Weather of 2022 Forecast this Week, Snow from West to East


So far, the coldest weather of 2022 arrives this week as record-high heating bills loom, while snow will span the nation from Washington to Maine, thunderstorms, rain along the Gulf, and your 3-day forecast.

Coldest weather of 2022 forecast to arrive this week

Temperatures are forecast to plunge this week, beginning on Monday, then dropping significantly colder on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. On Tuesday, the wind chill forecast will dip down to -24 degrees in Madison, Wisconsin, and dip down to -27 in multiple Wisconsin cities on Wednesday, Fox 6 reported.

Record-high heating bills loom as coldest temperatures of year move-in

Even though US homes will use slightly less heat than last winter, inflation will send the cost of heating to potential record-highs, according to forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), CNN reports.

The reason for the spike is that natural gas, which nearly half of all US homes use as a heat source, is 32% more expensive than a year ago, on average, according to the US Energy Information Agency. However, it’s much higher in some regions, including an increase of 45% in the Midwest. Electricity, which is used for heat by 40% of US homes, is also up nearly 6% nationwide on average.

Three day forecast: Snow from West to East

Here is the latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Monday: Snow will span the US from Washington state to Maine. There is snow for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado in the West. In the Midwest and Ohio Valley, snow for the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. In the East, snow for Pennsylvania and New Jersey and forecast for the entirety of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Thunderstorms for central and southern Texas and southern Louisiana. Rain will stretch from East Texas around Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, extending into Georgia.

Tuesday: Snow in the West for Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. There is snow for Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska in the central US. To the East, snow for portions of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Rain along the Gulf for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, with some thunderstorms for portions of Louisiana and most Florida.

Wednesday: Snow across in the West for Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico into Northwest Texas. Snowfall over the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York in the central US.

Rain for Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, while in the southeast, rain over Central Florida and thunderstorms for the southern part of the state.