Dog Missing for 4 Months Found Trapped in Snow and Your 3-Day Forecast


After last summer’s California wildfires, a dog that went missing has been found trapped in snow, plus the latest weather news and your 3-day forecast.

Four months later: Missing dog found trapped in deep snow on California Mountain

During the Caldor fire near Lake Tahoe, California, last August, a dog named Russ became separated from its owner after becoming frightened and running away.

When authorities forced the city to evacuate as the Caldor wildfire swept through Lake Tahoe, the dog’s owner, a traveling nurse, had no choice but to leave without the dog, according to a report by KKTV News, Newsweek reported.

Then, on December 16, a dog was located near Twin Peaks (west of South Lake Tahoe). The dog was stuck in five feet of snow, unable to move. The El Dorado County animal services were called, but Officer Shoemaker failed to access the area due to the depth of the snow.

The Community Animal Response Team, TLC 4 Furry Friends & Tahoe Paws volunteers were called, and the rescuers suited up with snowshoes and brought other dog rescue equipment, including a sled. After the rescue, the dog was turned over to Officer Shoemaker, who took the animal to a veterinarian. Because the dog had a microchip, they were able to track down the owner in Riverside County, California.

Your 3-day forecast

Here’s a look at the start of your week over the next three days according to the latest forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS).


Mostly clear for the majority of the nation.

Ice and snow storms over Washington and Oregon. Snow for northern Idaho, northwestern Montana, northeastern Minnesota, northern and western Michigan, northern and central Indiana, northeastern Ohio, eastern West Virginia, much of Pennsylvania; New York, heavy in spots, as well as snow for portions of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Thunderstorms and rain over much of Florida, rain for southeastern Georgia.

Mixed precipitation for southern New Mexico.

NWS alerts

Here are the latest weather alerts from the NWS for Monday:

Winter storm warning: northern Michigan.

Winter weather advisory: northern and northeast Michigan; northern Ohio; western and south-central New York; northeastern Pennsylvania.

Flood watch: northwest Washington.


Much of the nation remains clear. Mixed precipitation and potential ice storms over Washington, Northeast Oregon, and northern Idaho. Snow over central Montana.

Rain for central and eastern Texas, as well as southeastern Florida. Spotty snow over portions of northern Wisconsin, northern Michigan, Northwest Pennsylvania, and southwestern and central New York.


The majority of the nation will see mostly clear conditions. Mixed precipitation over portions of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Potential freezing rain for central Washington.

Snow over northern and central Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, northern and western Michigan, northeast Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania, much of northern and central New York, northern Vermont, northern and eastern Maine.

Rain over southeastern Texas, as well as central and southern Florida. Rainfall along the West Coast of Washington, Oregon, and northwestern California.