February’s Super Snow Moon Coming Friday and More Weather News

This February’s full moon, which is called the “Super Snow Moon,” will be the first supermoon of 2020 and will illuminate the night sky this weekend; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecast.

February’s Super Snow Moon will light up the skies this weekend

The first supermoon of 2020 occurs this weekend. It’s called the “Snow Moon” and got its name from Native American tribes for its association with February’s winter weather.

It will be the first supermoon of 2020 and will reach its peak at 2:33 AM ET on Sunday, February 9, according to NASA.

The moon will continue to appear full for around three days at its peak, occurring from Friday evening February 7 to Monday morning February 10.

The cow that swam to an island during Hurricane Dorian was pregnant and just gave birth, reviving hope wild herd could recover

Do you remember the story of the cows that survived Hurricane Dorian by swimming to an island on the Outer Banks? If you don’t, a quick recap…

Back in November 2019, Hurricane Dorian created a “mini-tsunami” with eight-foot waves that swept up members of a herd of wild cattle that lived in marshes on an interior island known in Cedar Island, North Carolina.

It was believed there were about 20 wild cows that roamed the private island and most were believed to have died in the storm.

However, three members of the herd survived by swimming five miles to the Outer Banks of North Carolina’s Barrier Islands.

Later, the three surviving cows were returned to their home on Cedar Island.

Fast forward to now, it turns out one of the cows that survived was pregnant. That cow gave birth to a healthy calf.

Now it offers the possibility that this wild herd can once again prosper.

Today’s US forecast

West: San Francisco 68/sunny, Los Angeles 67/sunny, Reno 58/sunny, Las Vegas 65/sunny, Salt Lake City 39/rain, Denver 43/snow.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 51/rain, Portland 53/partly cloudy, Boise 44/rain, Billings 39/partly cloudy, Bismarck 17/snow, Rapid City 36/snow.

Southwest: Phoenix 61/sunny, Albuquerque 50/mostly sunny, El Paso 55/mostly sunny, San Antonio 59/mostly sunny.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 50/sunny, Dallas 48/sunny, Oklahoma City 44/sunny, Kansas City 38/sunny, Minneapolis 31/mostly sunny, Madison 30/partly cloudy.

South: Houston 54/partly cloudy, New Orleans 58/rain, Memphis 39/rain, Atlanta 67/thunderstorms, Charlotte 68/thunderstorms, Jacksonville 84/thunderstorms, Tampa 81/thunderstorms, Miami 81/windy.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 31/snow, Detroit 29/snow, Cincinnati 39/rain, St. Louis 33/snow.

East: Norfolk 72/thunderstorms, Washington, D.C. 54/rain, Buffalo 31/rain, New York 46/rain, Boston 41/rain, Bangor 23/snow.