Heat Returns Late Week, 3 Day Forecast and Storm Outlook

Temperatures to soar late in the week, the 3-day forecast and storm outlook, potential flooding in the Southwest, and the NHC is tracking 3 systems for potential tropical development in the Atlantic and Gulf.

NWS weather alerts

Here are the latest weather alerts by the National Weather Service (NWS) for Monday:

Heat advisory: western, central and southwestern Washington; central Idaho; western Montana; western and southern Oregon; northern, south-central, southern and southwestern California.

Flood watch: northern and central New Mexico.

The 3-day forecast

Scattered thunderstorms across the nation over the next three days currently show no severe weather in the forecast, but heavy rain with potential flooding in the Southwest on Monday.

High temperatures to return late week

After a cold front brought a short reprieve over the weekend, late in the week as we reached July 1 and through the first week of the month, temperatures will soar once again, climbing above average in the hottest month of the year, especially over most of the eastern half of the nation.

Much-above-average temperatures are anticipated for the Midwest, South, mid-South and Southeast, the Weather Channel reported.

In the West, portions of Oregon, Nevada, and California will see below-average temperatures, as well as in parts of the Southwest over eastern Arizona, western and central New Mexico, and around the Great Lakes states and Northeast.

NHC tracking 3 systems for possible tropical development

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is tracking three systems, one of the Gulf and two in the Atlantic, for potential tropical development over the next five days.

Disturbance #1 is east of South America, has a 90% chance of development in the next 5 days and is expected to track toward Central America, according to the NHC.

Disturbance #2 is in the Gulf near Louisiana and only has a 20% chance of development and is expected to track toward southern Texas near Mexico.

Disturbance #3 is roughly halfway in between West Africa and South America and the Atlantic, with a 20% chance of development in the next 5 days and is moving toward the Caribbean.

Monday forecast: Possible flash flooding in Southwest

Scattered thunderstorms over the Southwest, upper Midwest, South, and Southeast along the Atlantic coast from Florida to Maine. Heavy rain with potential flash flooding over Arizona and New Mexico (see alerts above).

Tuesday forecast: Scattered thunderstorms

Scattered thunderstorms over the northern Rockies, Utah, Colorado, Southwest, and South along the Gulf and the Southeast along the Atlantic, as well as around the Great Lakes region.

Wednesday forecast: Scattered thunderstorms

Scattered thunderstorms on two fronts over parts of the Southwest, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and over the upper Midwest around the Great Lakes. In the South, thunderstorms along the Gulf and Southeast in the Atlantic, extending to the mid-South. Rain in the Northwest over Washington, Idaho and western Montana.