How to Dress For Outdoor Winter Exercise


While some people feel comfortable going to a gym during this time of COVID-19, there are many who prefer to exercise outdoors.

Not only is it nice to be out in nature and to feel the sunshine, but it’s a much safer activity than going to an indoor gym, considering we’re living through a global pandemic.

However, with winter right around the corner, it’s going to be a lot tougher (both physically and mentally) to exercise outdoors. 

Though there will be days where it’s simply too cold to be outside longer than five minutes, wearing the right clothing and accessories can make almost any temperature bearable. 

If you’re already worried about how you’re going to maintain your running routine once December rolls around, read these tips to learn how to properly dress for the weather.

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

In order to really protect yourself from the elements, you have to make sure to dress in layers.

There are three different layers to consider while getting dressed, but you should also factor in the temperature when deciding which ones you need and which ones you don’t.

The first is the base layer, which keeps moisture and perspiration away from your skin.

The second is the mid-layer, which insulates and keeps you warm. The third is the outer layer, which blocks the wind and repels water.

If you’re going out for a run and the temperature is below 32 degrees, plus it’s windy and cloudy, you should probably go for all three layers.

But, if it’s 40 degrees and sunny, you probably just need the first two. 

Don’t Forget the Hat

Wearing a hat can sometimes be a pain, but it is essential when exercising in the cold. 

Heat escapes your body through your head, so in order to keep your body warm, it’s important to wear that hat. Plus, it’ll keep your ears warm.

Get the Right Footwear

To avoid getting blisters, make sure to invest in good quality socks. Avoid cotton socks at all costs, as they will not keep moisture away from your skin. 

Instead, go for socks that are made out of wool or synthetic fibers.

Be Smart

While it’s great to keep up an exercise routine throughout the entire year, the most important thing is to be smart. 

If the weather is really bad outside, or there’s a layer of ice on the roads and sidewalks, maybe take a break from running for a day.

Know your body, know the risks, and proceed accordingly.