Hurricane Laura to Hit US as Category 3, Severe Storms over Northeast


Hurricane Laura is projected to strike the US as a Category 3 Hurricane on Wednesday evening near the Texas-Louisiana border, severe storms will cover the entirety of the Northeast today, while a heat wave spans the US.

Laura expected to strike US as category 3 hurricane

Laura strengthened to a Category 11 hurricane on Tuesday morning with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and stronger gusts as moves into the Gulf Coast and it heads towards Texas and Louisiana, NBC reports.

The National Hurricane Center is projecting that Laura will continue to strengthen and become a Category 33 when it makes landfall either late Wednesday or in the early hours of Thursday morning near the Texas-Louisiana border.

Rain showers and heavy winds could reach because of Texas and Louisiana late in the day on Wednesday.

Evacuations in Texas and Louisiana

Over 300,000 residents in Texas and Louisiana have been ordered to evacuate as hurricane Laura approaches.

In Texas, Beaumont-area counties issued mandatory evacuations ahead of hurricane Laura, KHOU 11 reported. Galveston and areas have issued voluntary evacuations, as it still too early to tell where Laura will make landfall.

Evacuations were also ordered an Orange County and Port Arthur, Texas, which sits on the Louisiana border. Texas Governor Greg Abbott preemptively declared a state disaster for 23 counties ahead of Marco and Laura, Weather reports.

In Louisiana, evacuation routes were established for those leaving Lafayette Parish, The Advertiser reports. On Sunday morning, evacuations were issued for Grand Isle and Jefferson Parish as the National Guard worked to shore up the Gulf side levee.

Over the weekend, in advance of Laura and Marco, President Donald Trump approved a state of emergency for Louisiana.

Severe storms over Ohio Valley, entirety of Northeast

The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds that will stretch from Eastern portions of the Ohio Valley eastward and encompassing the entirety of the Northeast.

The affected states include Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Flash flooding risk: The NWS is warning of potential flash flooding over most of West Virginia, as well as Western Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania.

Heat wave spans from California to Florida to Upper Midwest

High temperatures will span the entirety of the nation on Tuesday with mid to upper-90s and portions of the West, triple digits in the Southwest, upper-90s for portions of the central US, and low to mid-90s for parts of the southeast and northeast.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued heat alerts for the following areas:

Excessive heat warning: southeastern, southwestern deserts of California; southern Nevada; northwestern, western, central, southern and southeastern Arizona.

Heat advisory: South Dakota; southern Minnesota; southwestern Wisconsin; eastern Iowa; northwestern and northeastern Illinois; northwestern Indiana; northeastern Missouri; central and southwestern Pennsylvania; west central Florida.

US weather forecast: August 25, 2020

West: San Francisco 69, partly cloudy; Los Angeles 89, partly cloudy; San Diego 82, partly cloudy; Reno 89, mostly sunny; Las Vegas 109, sunny; Salt Lake City 96, mostly sunny; Denver 98, mostly sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 77, sunny; Medford 93, partly cloudy; Boise 90, partly cloudy; Cut Bank 84, mostly cloudy; Billings 94, thunderstorms; Minot 93, partly cloudy; Rapid City 96, mostly sunny; Cheyenne 93, mostly sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 114, mostly sunny; Tucson 107, mostly sunny; Albuquerque 93, mostly sunny; El Paso 97, sunny; San Antonio 98, mostly sunny; Brownsville 92, thunderstorms.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 94, sunny; Dallas 97, sunny; Oklahoma City 96, mostly sunny; Kansas City 95, sunny; Minneapolis 91, mostly sunny; Madison 89, mostly cloudy.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 85, thunderstorms; St. Louis 96, sunny; Detroit 86, partly cloudy; Cincinnati 93, mostly sunny; Indianapolis 93, mostly sunny.

South: Houston 96, mostly sunny; New Orleans 88, thunderstorms; Memphis 93, mostly sunny; Birmingham 80, thunderstorms; Atlanta 77, rain; Charlotte 86, thunderstorms; Jacksonville 91, partly cloudy; Tampa 94, mostly sunny; Miami 89, partly cloudy.

East: Norfolk 93, sunny; Washington, D.C. 95, thunderstorms; Philadelphia 92, thunderstorm; Buffalo 82, partly cloudy; New York City 94, thunderstorms; Boston 90, thunderstorm; caribou 76, thunderstorms.