Pleasant Weather for Most of Nation Amid Severe Weather Awareness Week

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Most of the nation west of the Rockies will experience pleasant weather with abundant sunshine on Wednesday amid severe weather awareness week, as states begin testing alerts and siren testing for emergency preparedness.

Emergency preparedness: severe weather awareness week

This week is a reminder to prepare yourself and your family for weather emergencies during severe weather awareness week. States and their municipalities around the country will be testing their weather alert systems. These tests include firing up tornado sirens and sending alerts through weather radios and smartphones.

A weather radio is a must-have item if you live in an area prone to severe weather. It’s a vital, life-saving item for your home. Think of a weather radio as being similar remains to a smoke detector in your house. It there silently until there is a watch or warning issued for your area, and then an alarm will go off. What makes a weather radio different than your regular radio or T.V. forgetting alerts is that it will also operate even when the power goes out. When purchasing a weather radio, make sure to select one with multiple ways of powering itself, such as batteries and hand cranking.

Snow, rain, and thunderstorm forecast for Wednesday

Here is the latest forecast by the National Weather Service showing the areas around the country that may experience rain, thunderstorms, mixed precipitation, and snow on Wednesday. 

West: Southern California can expect rain, thunderstorms, and some mixed precipitation. Farther north, snow is forecast along the Sierra in the east-central area of the state near the Nevada border. A large area of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado could see some mixed precipitation. Portions of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado could receive some snow on Wednesday. Rain is forecast for the southern regions of Arizona and New Mexico.

Southeast: Rain is in the forecast for eastern Georgia, central and southern South Carolina, and southern North Carolina, while farther south, thunderstorms are forecast for parts of northern and all of central and southern Florida.

Upper Midwest: Portions of northern Michigan could see mixed precipitation on Wednesday. 

Northeast: Snow is forecast for eastern New York, Western Massachusetts, as well as northern Vermont and New Hampshire and could extend into the western edge of Maine. While to the West and South, mixed precipitation is forecast for a large swath of the Northeast, affecting portions of eastern West Virginia, Southwest and northern Pennsylvania, Western New York, and southern Vermont. 

U.S. weather forecast for Wednesday, March 3, 2021

West: San Francisco 57, partly cloudy; Los Angeles 59, rain; Reno 57, partly cloudy; Las Vegas 70, partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 56, partly cloudy; Denver 62, sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 57, partly cloudy; Medford 65, sunny; Boise 53, mostly sunny; Cut Bank 51, sunny; Billings 57, sunny; Minot 58, partly cloudy; Rapid City 59, sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 82, windy; Albuquerque 64, sunny; El Paso 74, sunny; San Antonio 72, sunny; Brownsville 74, partly cloudy.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 75, sunny; Dallas 69, sunny; Oklahoma City 71, sunny; Kansas City 68, sunny; Minneapolis 44, partly cloudy.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 52, sunny; St. Louis 64, sunny; Detroit 53, mostly sunny; Cincinnati 60, sunny.

South: Houston 68, sunny; New Orleans 60, partly cloudy; Memphis 62, sunny; Atlanta 61, sunny; Charlotte 63, sunny; Jacksonville 61, partly cloudy; Tampa 74, thunderstorms; Miami 86, partly cloudy.

East: Norfolk 58, mostly sunny; Washington, D.C. 58, sunny; Buffalo 37, mostly cloudy; New York City 52, mostly sunny; Boston 45, partly cloudy; Caribou 27, sunny.