Relentless Rain and Snow Pattern for Northwest, Southern Thunderstorms


The Northwestern US has been experiencing rain and snow but there’s much more on the way, as a similar relentless weather pattern will continue into February; plus, strong thunderstorms for the South and today’s weather forecast.

A pattern of rain and snow will continue for Northwestern US

With January coming to a close and February beginning, storms coming out of the Pacific will continue to roll over the Northwestern United States in what will feel like a relentless pattern of rain and snow. Storms are predicted to strike the region on an average of every 1 to 2 days.

Snow levels are forecast to drop to a few thousand feet above sea level, but generally will range from 4000 to 6000 feet. Higher than average snow levels are expected to be a problem due to the continuing storms.

The passes below will see rainfall as each storm is anticipated to deliver anywhere from a few tenths of an inch to a couple of inches of rain at the lower elevations.

At this rate, over a two-week period, an average of 6-12 inches of rain is likely, but some areas could see higher amounts locally.

The continuing storms increase the likelihood of urban flooding, as well as rock and mudslides.

Strong Thunderstorms for the South

A large swath of the southern US will see strong thunderstorms and heavy rain today, affecting at least 16 states.

Where the strongest storms will be

The strongest thunderstorms will affect the Gulf Coast states, including Eastern Texas, portions of Arkansas, all of Louisiana, and most of Mississippi Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, and Western Georgia.

Rain, with a lesser chance of thunderstorms, is forecast for east central Oklahoma, central and northern Arkansas, northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, northern and eastern Georgia, eastern Florida, all of South Carolina and Tennessee, most of Kentucky, and the western portions of the Virginias and North Carolina.

The rainfall will also move up into the southern regions of Indiana and Ohio.

Heavy rain and flash floodings are possible north and south of the western areas of the Virginia-North Carolina border.

Today’s forecast US highs

West: San Francisco 58, Los Angeles 74, Reno 75, Salt Lake City 46, Denver 50.

Northwest: Seattle 54, Portland 54, Boise 44, Billings 46.

Southwest: Las Vegas 67, Phoenix 70, Albuquerque 51, El Paso 61, San Antonio 70.

Central: Kansas City 37, Oklahoma City 55, Dallas 57, St. Louis 37.

North-central/Northeast: Bismarck 25, Rapid City 40, Minneapolis 34, Madison 34, Chicago 35, Cincinnati 47, Detroit 37.

South: Houston 64, Memphis 42, New Orleans 66, Atlanta 50, Charlotte 50, Jacksonville 65, Tampa 76, Miami 77.

East: Norfolk 49, Washington 46, Buffalo 40, New York 47, Boston 46, Bangor 34.