Severe Flooding Occurring Along Mississippi River and Heavy Rain Coming


Severe flooding as already occurring along the Mississippi River and more heavy rain is forecast; plus, a cold front moves in across the US and more of today’s top weather news and forecast.

Severe flooding along the Mississippi with heavy rain on the way

Flooding along the Mississippi River is becoming severe for several reasons, and more heavy rain is in the forecast threatening to make a bad situation even worse.

Despite the fact that it’s still winter, spring flooding is already underway. Jackson, Mississippi has suffered especially severe flooding, as hundreds of homes have already been damaged with more at risk.

Officials are already predicting that the number of damaged homes and structures could go over 1000.

Cold front moves over the US

A large cold front will descend over the US starting today, spanning from the northern Rockies, potentially all the way south to Florida and across the east by late Thursday.

The central US will see snow and/or a wintry mix affecting the following areas: The southern border of South Dakota; most of Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma; southwestern Missouri; northern and eastern New Mexico; the northern portions of Arkansas and Texas.

Quick weather briefs

Here are quick summaries of breaking weather news around the country.

Georgia: Thursday will bring snow chances for northern Georgia.

Carolinas: Dropping temperatures and rain chances could transition to snow on Thursday night. In North Carolina, forecasters are predicting 3-6 inches in the eastern areas, and 1-3 inches in the triangle.

Colorado: Starting around 3 PM today, snowfall will begin and is predicted to continue for the next seven hours in Denver, Boulder, Loveland, and Fort Collins, with forecasters predicting 1-3 inches of total accumulation.

Today’s US highs

West: San Francisco 61, Los Angeles 71, Reno 51, Las Vegas 67, Salt Lake City 36, Denver 25.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 53, Portland 60, Boise 37, Billings 32, Bismarck 13, Rapid City 25.

Southwest: Phoenix 79, Albuquerque 60, El Paso 67, San Antonio 54, Brownsville 75.

Central and Upper Midwest: Lubbock 49, Dallas 51, Oklahoma City 53, Kansas City 42, Minneapolis 12, Madison 21.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 30, Detroit 31, St. Louis 44, Cincinnati 43.

South: Houston 60, New Orleans 70, Memphis 53, Atlanta 54, Charlotte 52, Jacksonville 79, Tampa 83, Miami 81.

East: Norfolk 49, Washington, D.C. 50, Buffalo 31, New York 45, Boston 42, Bangor 32.