Slight Risk of Severe Weather Looms Over Super Bowl Sunday


A storm system off the Florida coast brings a slight risk of severe weather on Super Bowl Sunday; plus more of today’s weather news and forecast.

Storm system near Miami on Super Bowl Sunday

A storm system is anticipated to be just off of the coast of South Florida on Super Bowl Sunday is presenting a slight risk of severe weather just outside of Miami extending south into Key Largo, with a lesser risk north of Miami toward West Palm Beach.

The main threats are damaging winds and potentially isolated tornadoes, as well as waterspouts.

Fun fact: in general, the area between Key Largo and Key West holds the highest threat of waterspouts anywhere on earth.

Threat of nor’easter shifts into the Atlantic

Earlier in the week, forecasters were predicting a potential nor’easter to arrive by the weekend disrupting travel, while bringing heavy rainfall and snow to the majority of the Northeast.

But forecast models now show that the storm which will begin developing in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday will shift farther eastward into the Atlantic, off of the Carolinas, as it heads Northeast.

Possible meteor breaking up over LA spotted and captured on video

Social media lit up last night with photos showing what appears to be a meteor breaking up in the skies over Los Angeles.

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this is not an uncommon event on the West Coast.

Several people captured the event and posted videos online.

Warmer air will be moving in, beginning on Saturday

Beginning on Saturday, across the nation, warmer air will begin to move in.

However, as we move into next Tuesday, the cold begins to drift down again from the north and will affect the western half of the US.

Temperatures will drop even farther, making most of the country colder by this time next week.

Today’s US forecast

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 49/rain, Portland 56/cloudy, Boise 41/partly cloudy, Billings 46/windy, Bismarck 27/snow, Rapid City 40/rain.

West & Southwest: San Francisco 62/partly cloudy, Los Angeles 75/partly cloudy, Reno 53/partly cloudy, Las Vegas 67/partly cloudy, Phoenix 70/Sonny, Salt Lake City 38/snow, Denver 45/rain, Albuquerque 50/mostly sunny, El Paso 58/partly cloudy, San Antonio 51/cloudy.

Midwest & Ohio Valley: Minneapolis 28/cloudy, Chicago 34/cloudy, Kansas City 37/cloudy, Oklahoma City 44/cloudy, St. Louis 37/cloudy, Detroit 32/mostly cloudy, Cincinnati 43/partly cloudy.

Central & South: Dallas 47/cloudy, Houston 59/cloudy, Memphis 46/cloudy, New Orleans 61/partly cloudy, Atlanta 57/mostly sunny, Charlotte 53/partly cloudy, Jacksonville 61/partly cloudy, Tampa 72/partly cloudy, Miami 77/partly cloudy.

East: Norfolk 47/partly cloudy, Washington 43/mostly cloudy, Buffalo 34/partly cloudy, New York 39/partly cloudy, Boston 36/mostly sunny, Bangor 21/sunny.