Ice Storm Over Parts of the Northern Rockies, Central and Eastern US

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A large swath of the US will see a wintry mix with a potential ice storm over portions of the northern Rockies, central US, and from the southern Appalachians into Western New York; plus, more of today’s forecast.

Potential ice storm over the central US, northern Rockies

The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning of the potential for ice storms/freezing rain over a vast area of the Midwest and the northern Rockies. The warnings include: southeastern Montana, eastern Wyoming, northeastern Colorado, northwestern Kansas, the southern half of North Dakota, throughout South Dakota and Nebraska, western Iowa, and southwestern Minnesota.

A wintry mix from the Southeast to New York

A wintry mix with possible freezing rain will stretch from the Appalachians in the Southeast into New York in the Northeast on Tuesday. The affected areas include: northern Georgia; eastern Tennessee; western Carolina; eastern Kentucky, western Virginia, throughout West Virginia; the eastern half of Ohio; southwestern and northwestern Pennsylvania; western New York.

Today’s weather alerts

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued weather alerts for the following areas on Tuesday.

Winter storm warning: northwest and southwest Washington; southeastern Idaho; western and southeastern Wyoming; western Nebraska.

Winter weather advisory: western and northwestern North Carolina; northwest South Carolina; western Virginia; southeast West Virginia.

Today’s rain outlook

Lots of folks will experience dry conditions in today’s weather across the nation. However, there are a few spots of rain in the West, Texas and the Southeast.

West: Rain for western and southern Washington; rain for western and north-central Oregon; rain for Southern California, north of Los Angeles.

Texas: Rain for southern Texas, as well as along the Gulf, south of Houston to Mexico.

Southeast: Rain for northeastern South Carolina and southwestern North Carolina.

Snow for the West, northern Rockies

Snow could be heavy over north-central Washington. Snow is in the forecast over northern, south-central and southeastern Idaho; western and south-central Montana; throughout Wyoming; central and north-central Utah; the western half of Colorado.

Today’s weather forecast: Tuesday, January 5, 2021

West: San Francisco 56, foggy; Los Angeles 68, mostly sunny; Reno 48, sunny; Las Vegas 64, sunny; Salt Lake City 37, rain; Denver 53, mostly sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 47, rain; Medford 50, partly cloudy; Boise 42, partly cloudy; Cut Bank 38, windy; Billings 46, windy; Minot 41, cloudy; Rapid City 46, windy.

Southwest: Phoenix 72, sunny; Albuquerque 55, sunny; El Paso 67, partly cloudy; San Antonio 66, partly cloudy; Brownsville 80, partly cloudy.

Central and Upper Midwest: Lubbock 63, partly cloudy; Dallas 67, mostly sunny; Oklahoma City 60, mostly sunny; Kansas City 49, partly cloudy; Minneapolis 29, partly cloudy.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 38, partly cloudy; St. Louis 46, partly cloudy; Detroit 35, snow; Cincinnati 38, rain.

South: Houston 70, partly cloudy; New Orleans 64, sunny; Memphis 48, partly cloudy; Atlanta 53, partly cloudy; Charlotte 55, rain; Jacksonville 68, sunny; Tampa 71, sunny; Miami 74, sunny.

East: Norfolk 47, mostly cloudy; Washington, D.C. 43, rain; Buffalo 36, cloudy; New York City 43, mostly cloudy; Boston 35, cloudy; Caribou 32, cloudy.