Thanksgiving Travel Weather Forecast Showing Improvement


Early Thanksgiving forecasts called for a ‘significant storm’ to impact holiday travel, but now forecasters have dialed back weather threats expecting improved travel conditions depending on your location and departure date.

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving travel

Forecasters now say they expect travel conditions to improve from earlier forecasts that were calling for a “significant storm” to impact Thanksgiving travel.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alan Reppert said, “It looks like things should be pretty good after Monday,” USA Today reported

However, it all depends on what day and how you are traveling. Here’s a look ahead according to the latest forecast for the National Weather Service (NWS).

Monday travel:

Those departing on Monday will face rain and snow in the Northwest and Northeast, while rain along the entirety of the southeast coastal areas all the way to Alabama, parts of Tennessee, and into the Virginias.

Tuesday travel:

For those departing on Tuesday, significant snow for the Northwest and the northern Rockies, as well as into Colorado and parts of New Mexico, with rain across Arizona. Snow in the Northeast for the Western regions of Pennsylvania and New York, as well as northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and southwestern Maine.

Wednesday: The big travel day

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving and historically the nation’s biggest travel day of the year, a variety of weather conditions will be more widespread across the nation.

Snow for the Northwest, northern Rockies, and descending into Colorado and New Mexico. Rain for eastern Arizona, with rain and mixed precipitation for New Mexico.

Thunderstorms over parts of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Rain will stretch from Kansas and Missouri into the Ohio Valley, western Pennsylvania, and New York.

Mixed precipitation over North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The remainder of the Southeast, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast will be dry. Rain for southern Florida.

Great Lakes and Northeast to receive coldest air of the season, lake-effect snow through Tuesday

The coldest air of the season moves in on Monday for the Great Lakes and the Northeast, which will also bring the likelihood of heavy lake-effect snow prior to Thanksgiving, AccuWeather reports. The cold will stretch from the upper Midwest around the Great Lakes, into the Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast.

On Sunday, the cold moved over the Western Great Lakes setting up heavy lake-effect snow, which is expected to continue through Tuesday delivering as much as 12 inches in some areas, up to 6 inches in many areas, and 1-3 inches across more than half of New York State.