Thunderstorms to Bring Multi-Day Flood Threat, Severe Weather This Week


Thunderstorms will bring severe weather on Monday to the Southeast, as well as a multi-day risk of flooding across the US. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a frigid winter. See today’s weather alerts and the three-day forecast.

NWS weather alerts for Monday

A number of heat warnings for the West, south-central US, and the South, while multiple flood alerts span the Lower 48. Here are the latest weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) for Monday.

Heat advisory: eastern Oklahoma; eastern Texas; central and southern Missouri; northern and central Louisiana; Mississippi; northwestern and southwestern California.

Excessive heat watch: eastern Washington; northern Idaho; north-central, central, south-central California.

Flash flood warning: southern Texas.

Flood watch: southern Nevada; southeastern California; northwestern Arizona; southern Utah; north-central, northeastern, central, and southeastern Colorado; northern and central New Mexico; southern Texas; West Virginia; western Virginia; northwest North Carolina.

Severe weather threat for the Carolinas, Southeast

A Level 2 severe weather risk has been issued on Monday for central North Carolina into north-central South Carolina by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). A lesser risk extends over the remainder of the Carolinas and southwesterly into central and northern Georgia, central Alabama, and east-central Mississippi.

Farmer’s Almanac forecasts a frigid 2022-23 winter

The Farmer’s almanac released its annual winter forecast and foresees frigid weather for most of the US, WSAZ reported.

The Farmer’s Almanac gave the following descriptions as predictions for the Lower 48, divided into seven regions:

Northwest: Brisk, normal precipitation.

Southwest: Mild, drier than normal.

Northern Rockies/upper Midwest: Hibernation zone, glacial, snow-filled.

South-Central US: Chilly, normal precipitation.

Great Lakes/Ohio Valley: Unreasonably cold, snowy.

Mid-South/South/Southeast: Shivery, wet, and slushy.

Mid-Atlantic/Northeast: Significant shivers, slushy, icy, snowy.

The 3-day forecast: Multi-day flooding threat

Widespread thunderstorms over the next three days will bring severe weather to the east on Monday, as well as the risk of flooding over multiple states this week. Here is the latest three-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Monday: Widespread flood risk, severe weather in Southeast

Thunderstorms over most of the Lower 48 on Monday will bring the risk of flooding to multiple states, as well as severe weather over the Carolinas (see NWS weather alerts above).

Tuesday: Scattered thunderstorms, multi-state flood threat

Scattered thunderstorms over the Southwest, Midwest, South, Southeast, Ohio Valley, and mid-Atlantic.

Heavy rain with the potential of flash flooding over portions of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Missouri.

Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorms, flood threat in West

Scattered thunderstorms over the West, Southwest, upper Midwest, southern plains, South, mid-South, Southeast, and portions of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Heavy rain with the potential of flash flooding over southern Arizona; southern, central, and northern New Mexico; and into self-central Colorado.