Widespread Snow Across West, Thunderstorms for Central and Southern US


A large band of thunderstorms are moving across the central and southern US today and will transform into severe weather tomorrow bringing a risk of flooding, while widespread snow will blanket a large swath of the Western US today; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecast.

Widespread snow will blanket the western US

A large portion of the West, including at least a dozen states, will be blanketed with snow today, with heavy snow possible in at least half of them.

Snowfall is forecast for portions of Seattle, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana; while snowfall will impact nearly the majority of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

A wintry mix is in store for the western portions of Washington and Oregon; northern, eastern and central California; areas of northern, central, and southeastern Arizona; in southwestern New Mexico.

Thunderstorms in the South and Central US today, will turn severe tomorrow bringing flood risk

A vast line of thunderstorms extending from Texas, through the central US, to the Ohio Valley and into the lower New England states will bring rain today.

Tomorrow, the storm system bringing thunderstorms and rain today will turn severe, with the greatest impact on the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, but could also affect portions of Kansas and Tennessee.

Flash flooding is possible for portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Snow and freezing rain for the north-central US

The entire northern portion of Minnesota will see snowfall today, while freezing rain is on tap for southern portions of the state. Snowfall is also forecast along the Minnesota borders with the Dakotas.

Freezing rain will also impact most of Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as portions of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Today’s forecast US highs:

West: Seattle 42, Portland 36, San Francisco 56, Los Angeles 65, Salt Lake City 38, Denver 45.

Southwest: Las Vegas 56, Phoenix 63, Albuquerque 48, El Paso 76.

Central: Dallas 69, Kansas City 60, St. Louis 56, Oklahoma City 65, Lincoln 49.

North-central: Duluth 26, Chicago 48, Madison 45, Lansing 44, Des Moines 54.

South: Houston 76, New Orleans 74, Atlanta 62, Raleigh 50, Orlando 75, Miami 77.

East: Philadelphia 36, Washington 45, Boston 29,  Syracuse 30, New York 34, Bangor 17.