Wild Weather: Snow, Earthquakes, Wind, and Fire

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Wild weather across the nation as a cold front brings early winter-like conditions and snow, numerous wildfires in the west, hurricane-force winds in Utah, an earthquake in New Jersey, and flooding potential storms across Texas and Oklahoma.

Potential snowfall in 8 states

The National Weather Service is forecasting mixed precipitation with the potential of snowfall across eight states in the west and central US on Wednesday. The forecast includes parts of Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Thunderstorms bring a flood risk across Texas and Oklahoma

The National Weather Service is warning of heavy rain with the potential of flash flooding across the entirety of central Texas spanning north into parts of southwestern Oklahoma on Wednesday.

New Jersey struck by rare 3.1 magnitude earthquake

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck New Jersey around 2 AM on Wednesday in the central town of Freehold, according to according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Pix11 reported. The depth of the quake was approximately 3.1 miles. The USGS called the quake a “small tremor.” There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Only two earthquakes over a 3.0 magnitude have struck the New Jersey area since 1970.

Hurricane-force winds wreak havoc in Utah

Hurricane-force winds in Utah reached reached 112 miles an hour in Salt Lake City. The winds uprooted numerous trees across northern Utah, some of which destroyed buildings. The strong winds overturned at least 45 semi-trucks, KUTV reported.

Numerous fires burning across the west

A number of wildfires are burning across the West. The West Coast has been hit the hardest, where in Washington, Oregon, California, a heat wave over the weekend combined with windy conditions, only fueled the blazes further and worked against firefighters. Most of the West will be dry and sunny on Wednesday as temperatures warm up again.

In Colorado, firefighters were hopeful the snowy weather could help dampen the fires. However, forecasters say the benefits are likely to be minimal and short-lived.

Today’s US weather: September 9, 2020

West: San Francisco 69, partly cloudy; Los Angeles 89, sunny; Reno 78, sunny; Las Vegas 84, sunny; Salt Lake City 64, windy; Denver 44, rain.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 89, sunny; Medford 99, sunny; Boise 74, sunny; Cut Bank 73, sunny; Billings 68, sunny; Minot 66, sunny; Rapid City 58, sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 91, sunny; Albuquerque 48, rain; El Paso 73, rain; San Antonio 86, thunderstorms; Brownsville 92, partly cloudy.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 46, rain; Dallas 82, thunderstorms; Oklahoma City 62, rain; Kansas City 57, cloudy; Minneapolis 53, rain.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 66, rain; St. Louis 86, partly cloudy; Detroit 73, foggy; Cincinnati 89, partly cloudy.

South: Houston 90, thunderstorms; New Orleans 88, thunderstorms; Memphis 91, mostly sunny; Atlanta 87, mostly sunny; Charlotte 78, rain; Jacksonville 87, thunderstorms; Tampa 88, thunderstorms; Miami 87, thunderstorms.

East: Norfolk 80, thunderstorms; Washington, D.C. 77, thunderstorms; Buffalo 83, partly cloudy; New York City 82, mostly cloudy; Boston 77, mostly cloudy; Caribou 69, rain.